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GCSE Economics

GCSE Economics is a two years program which is usually covered in year 10 and 11, However, some candidates also attempt GCSE Economics privately and prepare themselves privately over the course of one year.

Students develop knowledge and understanding of core economic theories and concepts over two years. Students will need to apply their knowledge and understanding to both familiar and unseen contexts in the assessment and demonstrate an awareness of current economic environment and policies. 

Micro Economics focuses on markets and how the market works and fails by focusing on nature of economics, how markets work and how does market fail. Also, detail study of Government intervention to correct the market failure is studied. Macroeconomics will develop an understanding of measures of economic performance and macroeconomic objectives. Key macroeconomic components such as aggregate demand, aggregate supply, circular flow of income are explored in detail. Also, students will be able to understand macroeconomic policies such as fiscal policies, monetary policies and supply-side policies and objective conflicts.

We also focus on business economics and Students will develop an understanding of the growth of the business, different business objectives, and various types of revenues, costs and profits.  Also, various forms of market structures are studied such as perfectly competitive market, monopoly market, monopolistic competition and oligopoly. 


Finally, macroeconomics from a global perspective will develop an understanding of International economics, international trade, globalisation and protectionism.


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