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Fee Structure

Dear Student/Parent- 
Please note the following details for the forthcoming lessons @ BeWise:
Address- BeWise Point
221-227, High Road
Harrow Weald, HA3 5EE 

Registered & enrolled students- £20 for 1 hour 30 minutes class. 
Pay as you go- £22.00 per session

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):
1. How do I register (T&C)?
You need to pay £30 for registration and this is not an additional charge. 

2. How is the registration fee not an additional charge &  will be used?
£30.00 is used in 2 parts:
A. £10 worth booklets, study material and access to eBooks on google docs!
B. £20 discount on the (last) FINAL lesson when you do not need to pay for the lesson; provided you give a one week’s notice to confirm that the following week will be your last lesson! 

As a result, you are not tied into a long-term contract and you can give a week ’s notice whenever you wish without waiting for the end of a term or an academic year etc!

Do I need to register at the 1st lesson?
Not really, you do not need to register at your first lesson as you should register when you feel confident and are comfortable, and you can pay £22.00 per session & follow the  Pay As You Go method until registered! 

This system is to ensure that you are committed and do not miss any lesson without at least 48 hours prior notice and after giving one week notice get the final last lesson FREE as a reward!

Please note that there is no cash refund of the registration fee and you lose your money if you discontinue without giving a week’s notice.

Many Thanks & Kind Regards 
S Nagpal


S Nagpal



🛑Cancellation Policy: 
Any cancellation less than 48 hours notice will not be accepted and will cost you the full lesson fee and you need to re-register yourself by paying £20 cancellation charge at the following lesson to keep your slot. You will automatically revert back to pay as you go and need to pay £22.00 per lesson until re-register. 

This system is to prevent last-minute cancellation and persistent rescheduling. However, if it’s one off and not regular or/and extenuating circumstances, you will be offered a catch-up lesson to ensure you don’t have massive gaps in your knowledge as every lesson we tend to cover 10% of a unit! 

Parking Requests:
May I request you to be extra careful with regards to the pickup & drop off and parking.
Please DO NOT drop off and pick up in front or the side of the premises due to parking restrictions.

Please use the adjacent roads for parking- Whitefriars Drive, Salvatorian College Drive Thru, Spencer Road, Risingholme Rd, The Medow Way. Also, to avoid accidents, please do not use mobile phones while crossing the road as it's a busy road.

All of the above locations are 1-2 minutes walking distance. Most of the above streets have no parking restrictions and you can also use Homebase, Iceland or Waitrose car park If you drive and need to park your car for less than 2 hours.

You get £10.00 off on one of your lessons if you recommend BeWise Tutorials to a new student. Please MAKE SURE that the new student needs to mention your name via text before he/she joins in order for you to receive £10 discount.

Please get back to me if you need to clarify or require any more information.

Finally, Thank You Very Much for your inquiry and trusting BeWise. We look forward to being working with you during this academic year!


S Nagpal

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